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About Us

about us

Our Story

our story

Total Tool Solutions Limited (TTS UK) is a leading provider of air tools and supporting products to a dedicated after market within the bus and commercial garage industry.

Supported by many years of engineering experience, our innovative approach to this market has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

Leading by example, the Total Tool Solutions concept is committed to provide a total tool management solution within the after market industry.

Total Tool Solutions Limited (TTS UK) was formed to serve the bus and commercial garages and our vision is to become the air tool provider of choice in this market place.

We can provide a specific tool management programme for a specific period or we can provide a tool distribution service...the choice is yours!

Our Expertise




Possible random strategy employed within the bus and commercial depots when it comes to purchasing tooling.arrow graphicWe provide an opportunity to ensure that a purchasing tooling strategy is in place.
Tools can often be seen as a commodity, therefore could be purchased on a pure pricing policy rather than a fit the need basis.arrow graphicOperators can use tools that are absolutely fit for purpose.
HAV (hand arm vibration) is just one of the many tool related issues which if not managed correctly could seriously damage employees health and lead to claims for personal injury and loss of reputation.arrow graphicThe tools that we offer completely satisfy the HAV (hand arm vibration) Legislation ensuring that the company comply with being a responsible employer.
Poor tool management can lead to a company becoming reactive and enduring unplanned maintenance costs, new tool investment and down time.arrow graphic There is a reduction of outsourcing of tools because we provide a consultancy tool management programme throughout the lifespan of the tool.

Our Solution

The Five Step Solution

  • step 1


    We work closely with our customers at the outset...we look at their requirements by way of an on site survey and observation of working practices...including the air supply.

  • step 2


    We use our experience and expertise to ensure that the correct tool is supplied - the right tool for the job, weight, size and specification.

  • step 3


    We manage the installation of the tools and products and ensure that all auxiliary equipment is in place.

    All tools are HAV tested and supplied with appropriate leader hose...all tools are ready for use from the outset.

  • step 4


    We ensure that all operatives are aware of best practices and safety procedures.

  • step 5


    We adopt a Service Level Agreement to ensure all tools are correctly serviced and maintained throughout the period of agreement.

    We continue to develop working practice strategies that reflect current and ongoing Health and Safety issues.

    We ensure that recommended auxiliary equipment is available to ensure that the Health and Safety issues of the tool are not compromised.

    We do not just 'sell' the tool because we maintain a free consultancy service to ensure the garage personnel can carry out their job more effectively and efficiently.

Key Personnel

  • Gary Rigg Managing Director

    Gary Rigg Managing Director -

    Gary is an engineer by trade and brings a wealth of tool experience together with providing a diverse range of skills to the business. For our customers, Gary provides a vital link between all areas of the business ensuring clarity and understanding at all times

  • David Walker Principal Engineer

    David Walker Principal Engineer -

    David provides a lifetime's experience in engineering and ensures that all servicing techniques deployed deliver the quality repairs that our customers have come to expect from our business. David is 'old school' when it comes to tool malfunction, service and repair - the tool leaves us thoroughly serviced...'properly repaired'.

  • Stuart Daly Hand Arm Vibration Specialist

    Stuart Daly Hand Arm Vibration Specialist -

    Stuart is our 'what happened' specialist...making sure that all the tools that we have provided in all the depots (and some that we have not) are regularly tested and compliant with the Health and Safety regulations. Stuart is a Quality Specialist and brings his wealth of engineering initiatives and ISO experience to the forefront of his shift.